December 27, 2019

Success Story of the Week: HP

HP came to REAP in June of 2016, after serving 12 years in state prison.

Prior to incarceration, HP had obtained a CDL license but lost it due to fines, fees, and other costs. He had no family ties in Pensacola but chose to come to the panhandle for a fresh start.

REAP helped HP with reinstatement of his CDL license and he was able to obtain steady work driving for a local irrigation company.

He also assisted REAP with client transportation before applying for work as a long-distance truck driver. He has now been employed with the same over-the-road trucking firm for over a year.

HP has driven over 130,000 miles, and was awarded a $4000 bonus for remaining accident-free!

He has purchased a used truck,is buying a house and now has a partner/driver who happens to be his fianceé'!

Strong work, HP!

Melissa Brown

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