December 20, 2019

Success: PK's Story

PK, REAP's Director of Transportation

After serving nearly 30 years in state prison, PK came to REAP in April 2016

At the time of his release, he had three years remaining on conditional release supervision. He had not completed his eighth-grade education. Sadly, both his parents died while he was in prison.

REAP assisted PK with job readiness training including proper dress, interview skills and obtaining a Florida driver’s license. Since then, PK has worked at Crown Laundry and ECUA. However, he currently works as Director of Transportation for REAP!

PK graduated from REAP

Melissa Brown

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Success Story of the Week: HP

Strong work, HP!

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REAP Welcomes Women

Pensacola women leaving prison can REAP benefit of new transitional housing.

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